Of all the national assets, Archives are the most precious: They are the gift of one generation to another & the extent of our care of them marks the extent of our civilization.
— Arthur G. Doughty (Dominion Archivist, 1904-1935)
The bringing together of the National Library of Canada and the National Archives of Canada promises Canadians comprehensive collections, expertly organized, properly preserved, and accessible to all.
— Dr. Roch Carrier, O.C. (former National Librarian of Canada)
As the National Library, the institution played a prime role in the acquiring through legal deposit and preserving a comprehensive collection of literary and musical works published in Canada.
— Marianne Scott and Guy Sylvestre (former National Librarians of Canada)
Our goal for LAC, stated in a few words, is to become a leading-edge knowledge institution… Our objectives are clear: to create a truly national institution to provide Canadians with access to the whole of their documentary heritage.
— Ian Wilson (former National Librarian and Archivist of Canada)

The Issues

Funding cuts and management policies have troubling implications for LAC’s ability to preserve Canada’s history and cultural heritage.

The Campaign

Since 2011 CAUT has run the campaign to protect this national treasure for generations to come.
Learn about the campaign objectives.

Get Involved

Stop the dissolution of
this vital resource and ensure that LAC maintain its commitment to preserve Canada's full documentary heritage.

Open letter to Dr. Berthiaume

Guy Bertiaume, former CEO of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, has been appointed the next Librarian and Archivist of Canada. CAUT is hopeful that Dr. Berthiaume will provide the vision and leadership that is required to undo the tremendous damage that has been done to LAC over the past several years.

Read CAUT’s open letter to Dr. Berthiaume

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